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Our Pre-Trained Document Intelligence Technology

Generating actionable insights to assist you in making more informed business decisions.

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Designed to Understand the
Finance & Insurance Industry

Claira is built specifically to understand information within financial contracts. Critical logic locked in financial agreements can be made available by Claira. 

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Unique & Intelligent Approach  Gives You A Better Understanding Of  Documents

Claira takes advantage of the inherent “legalese” structure contained within financial contracts used to describe business logic.

Claira converts the financial contracts back into business logic and makes the data available to downstream systems or data analysts to explore for future use cases.

Computational Linguistics That Requires No Setup

Claira utilizes a computational linguistic approach and performs deep-semantic parsing to understand the logic. Training and “style-sheeting” is not required.

Claira converts your financial contract sentences into logic graphs and then queries the graphs for the relevant information. The logic graphs are also stored for future uses. 

Our Advanced Semantic Understanding Enables You To Accomplish More

By building a semantic understanding -- relationships and logic -- Claira is able to tie related information within and across agreements (e.g. ISDA and CSA) together where appropriate. 

Structuring all relationships within and across financial agreements pertaining to a single document set is hard, and nearly impossible across all your document sets.

Decision Transparency Lets You See & Understand How Claira Works

Most AI today is a black box - requiring you to blindly trust the machine. Claira provides the business user full transparency in its decision making so that you remain in control of your business.

Insight gained throughout Claira’s analysis is fully auditable and traceable - enabling you to look back and determine the what, how, and why of your conclusions.

Draft Amendment Generation

Automatically create amended contracts directly from original signed & executed PDF versions of the agreements.


Insert preferred amendment language directly with track changes or as a clean copy to accelerate required remediation activity.

We Let You Focus On Making Smarter Business Decisions

Focus on making smart business decisions -not the process of getting there.


Claira does all the heavy-lifting:

  • Drag/drop or connect to your doc store

  • OCR or text-searchable files supported

  • API interfaces to easily get data in/out

Claira's  modern technology provides  accurate, actionable business insights in minutes - saving time, effort and money. 

Whether you have dozens or hundreds of thousands of documents on your firm's behalf or on behalf of other firms providing advisory, consulting or legal services - Claira is built and priced-to-scale to meet your business needs.

Click on the image above to download Claira's product brief.

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Super Fast, Highly Secure,
& Fully Scalable

Claira’s proprietary data science and advanced engineering provides a next-gen solution that is fast, secure and scalable.

Claira can be instantly accessed via our SaaS-based cloud or locally installed in your cloud or data center.


We fully understand the needs of financial service firms - large or small - and will assist you in balancing nimbleness, efficiency, control, compliance and risk management.

Amendment Generation
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