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Claira's FAQs Get Answers To The Most Common Questions Asked 

Q1: How many documents are required to "train" Claira?

A: Claira doesn’t require training as do our general AI competitors. Claira understands the language of financial legalese and has already “learned” from a corpus of 10’s of millions of words and sentences.

Q2: Does Claira provide transparency into its decision making?

A: Yes! Claira understands that accuracy is critical in the world of finance and that contracts can sometimes have mistakes. Claira indicates to you when it determines legal drafting language that is not clearly determinable (i.e. ambiguous, contradictory, circular, etc.) and allows you to review and mark-up what you think is the best answer.  That’s why we call Claira “driver-assist” vs. “self-driving.”

Q3: Can I configure Claira to my needs?

A: Claira has been developed in modern technology that enables you to configure most aspects of what is important for the unique needs of your organization.

Q4: Does Claira run in a public cloud or in my own datacenter?

A: Claira can run in either the public cloud or in your own datacenter in a private cloud environment.

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