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Claira was born of necessity and has rethought the problem entirely.  Claira is smarter, much smarter than the competition.  Claira understands language.  That is her secret-sauce. Language understanding makes Claira more effective, more accurate and more intelligent. 

Here are some of the team members who are making Claira help you make smarter decisions...

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Yulia Spektor

Yulia Spektor is a computational linguist specializing in natural language processing and information retrieval. Yulia capitalizes on her 10 years of experience in the nitty-gritty of legal translation to provide contractual data expertise, produce research insights, and build effective statistical and machine learning models designed for the legal domain.

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Federico Polacov

Federico Polacov is Claira’s VP of Engineering and former co-founder of a Stanford-sponsored AI-driven health technology startup based on Machine Learning for health forecasting and treatment recommendation, which he took to a successful exit. Federico’s engineering accomplishments also include successful product developments in Computer Vision and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technologies. After completing his MS in Computer Science, Federico participated in computer vision research projects at the Stanford University’s AI Lab.

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Eric Chang, CFA

Eric Chang is a top-notch product designer and developer of innovative technology. He has experience building  FinTech startups from the ground-up. In addition, Eric has built technology and finance expertise at a number of blue-chip financial service firms, including:  Morgan Stanley,  BlackRock, AQR and Goldman Sachs after graduating Cornell with a BS Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Alex Schumacher, PhD

Alex Schumacher is a data scientist specializing in natural language processing, natural language understanding and turning unstructured text into usable business insights.  Alex is an expert in NLP and NLU within  financial services.  Alex holds a Ph.D from Northwestern University in Linguistics, and most recently was affiliated with the Oxford e-Research Centre at the University of Oxford.

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Peter Baumann, PhD

Peter Baumann is a reformed physicist who has now seen the light! He is an amazing data and language scientist who builds great business solutions. Peter was formerly a Data Science Fellow at Insight and holds a PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern.

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Sara Kowalski

Sara is an accomplished linguist experienced in entity-recognition AI, including researching, tagging, and linking entities to optimize outcomes. In addition, Sara has experience in rating entities to improve search and prioritization algorithms. Having mastered linguistic annotation, writing, copyediting, tutoring, and the Japanese language, Sara certainly isn’t shy of taking on challenging assignments. One of Sara’s numerous accomplishments includes a thesis titled "Syntax in Eastern Armenian: A Sketch Grammar" where she elicited and recorded segments from a native speaker — deducing the language’s phonetic inventory, phonological rules, morphological and syntactic constructions.

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Brittany Phillips

Brittany is an accomplished data analyst in the areas of human resources, media/communications and investor relations at both a regional and global scale. Brittany’s industry exposure spans technology, financial services and commercial real estate. In addition, Ms. Phillips has experience implementing large, global SaaS products in the cloud — coordinating across multiple technology partners to enable success!

Our Advisors

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Joe Squeri

Joe Squeri is an experienced leader in building, scaling and transforming business, operations and technology with data science, AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, cloud adoption and strategic capital investment. He is a trusted partner and senior advisor with the leadership, vision, insight and proven track record of delivery gained at best-in-class firms and start-ups.

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Boris Mizhen

Boris Mizhen is an experienced technology leader, builder of startups, advisor and ML enthusiast. He been a technology leader at a number top-notch tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and VP of Engineering at Exos Financial. Boris is senior technology advisor to Claira.

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Sean Brady

Sean Brady is a brilliant strategic thinker and advisor. Having been a lawyer specializing in financial agreements at a prominent law firm, then a financial products structurer at a top European Bank, Sean knows finance. He's now gone full-on in building successful startups and makes for an awesome advisor.

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Douglas T. Healy, CFA

Douglas Healy is an experienced, global financial professional with expertise at the intersection of insurance, asset management, and the financial markets. He has proven capabilities in building asset management businesses and deep knowledge of the insurance industry. He has more than thirty years of experience at major financial firms Credit Suisse, AXA Investment Managers and CS First Boston and has served as Director and Treasurer on multiple non-profit boards. A Chartered Financial Analyst®, he graduated with a BA in English and Economics from Dartmouth College.

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Jason Manske

Jason Manske is a financial services expert who sees the future of the industry. Having spent over two decades at major firms like J.P. Morgan and MetLife, he has a deep understanding of the pains experienced by both the buy and sell side. As an advisor, Jason now guides Claira towards driving the change he believes will come to the industry. 

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