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CLO Covenant Insight Module

CLO loan document intelligence immediately understands the related covenants, terms, and conditions.


Understand the details of complex CLO indentures, offering memorandums, and underlying loans

Claira's document intelligence technology understands and interprets all the information described in CLO documents.

Sample Insights

  • Reinvestment Criteria

  • Optional Redemption Conditions

  • ESG Compliance

  • Par Flush

  • Fee Details

  • Make Whole

Connect To File Repositories Or Drag & Drop

Claira’s pretrained algorithm allows you to simply upload relevant prospectus and immediately understand the cash management details of the deal. 

Integrate your trading or portfolio systems to scale outcomes by your exposure.

Review Understanding of Prescribing Sentences

Avoid having to read or search through the 500 page prospectus’. Claira highlights relevant sentences it understood to determine the generated insight. 

Share and escalate document results within the platform for further action.

Download insight data for downstream analysis

Export deal level summary and sentence level insight data as a CSV/EXCEL file or via an API. 

Desired analytics can be customized to your portfolio needs.

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