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Rate Floor Discovery

Assess your Rate Floor exposure today


Quantify the Impact of Embedded Rate Floor Risk Using Artificial Intelligence

With interest rates at historical lows and central banks implementing extraordinary measures to lower rates, rate floor clauses and provisions are likely to be triggered. Claira can identify agreements that contain interest rate floors and highlight risks. 

Connect Your Document Repositories or Drag, Drop and Go

Claira comes trained out-of-the-box. Analyze agreements without any need to identify versions, or remove duplicates across different folders or file systems.


Keep documents organized across and within teams, with ability to maintain permissions. 

Examine Document Sentences For Faster, More Thorough Research

Impactful sentences in a low rate environment are highlighted within each agreement. Trace back to the exact sentences Claira understood that contains the rate floor, both for the security and the underlying. 

Share and escalate results within the platform to other teams for further action.

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