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Image by Waldemar Brandt

Claira's Fact Sheet -  How We Use AI To Analyze Legal & Financial Documents

Download & share a one-pager highlighting our capabilities.

Smarter Business Decisions Made Easy, Thanks To  Artificial Intelligence

Focus on making smart business decisions -not the process of getting there.


Claira does all the heavy-lifting:

  • Drag/drop or connect to your doc store

  • OCR or text-searchable files supported

  • API interfaces to easily get data in/out

Claira's  modern technology provides  accurate, actionable business insights in minutes - saving time, effort and money. 

Whether you have dozens or hundreds of thousands of documents on your firm's behalf or on behalf of other firms providing advisory, consulting or legal services - Claira is built and priced-to-scale to meet your business needs.


Click on the image above to download Claira's product brief.

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