Claira uses artificial intelligence to understand financial agreements and advanced data science to help organizations make better decisions.

Better Understanding, 

Better Decisions.

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Claira's Technology - Powered By Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Claira uses a unique approach of computational linguistics and sentence-level, deep-semantic parsing to provide a higher level of understanding and greater accuracy.  Claira not only structures and extracts contract data, but fully understands the “legalese” and logic trapped in your financial agreements - without templating or training.

Claira uses modern technology that is private, fully secure and compliant via SaaS-based cloud or installations in your data center. Claira understand the needs of regulated firms and easily scales from the smallest of firms with just a few dozen documents to the largest with millions of documents.


Whether you're working on behalf of your own firm or providing advisory, consulting or legal services across multiple firms, Claira will assist you in reaching your goals of efficiency, control, compliance and risk management.

Claira's Solutions Create Analyzable Data From Legal & Financial Documents

Claira's Solutions Create Analyzable Data From Legal & Financial Documents

Claira transforms financial agreements into analyzable data. Each application is built on top of this foundation and provides actionable insights for a specific area of your business.

LIBOR Remediation

Claira can accelerate your LIBOR transition by enabling your business to identify, negotiate, amend &  resolve your critical documents.

Rate Floor Discovery

Let Claira assess the rate floors embedded across agreements and provide a more accurate representation of rate risk.

Bond & Loan Covenant Insight

With Claira, you can quickly evaluate details of cash management clauses in Commercial Loan & CMBS. 

Amendment Generation

Automatically create track changes or clean copies of amended contracts directly from the original signed & executed PDF agreements.  

Additional Actionable Insights
  • CMBS Cash Covenant Analysis

  • Collateral/Margin Optimization

  • Enhanced Trading Strategies

  • Stress Testing & Risk Scenarios

  • Operational & Legal Risk Mgmt

  • Deep Credit Risk & Default Risk

  • More Insights Available