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Claira’s LIBOR Insights Now Incorporate Portfolio Positions, Risk & Valuations

Claira releases new data framework for firms to easily incorporate position & transaction data within the LIBOR Remediation solution. In addition to simply uploading your documents directly to the cloud-based LIBOR Remediation module, firms can now provide position/transaction information either in csv form or through an API and immediately get results assessment results scaled by exposure. Quickly assess LIBOR cessation's risk and valuation impact to your portfolio and start taking the appropriate remediation actions today. Complete your LIBOR assessment across all product types in minutes!

With the timeframe for replacing LIBOR by 2022 approaching quickly, particularly given the challenges we’ve all faced these past few months, explore how Claira’s pre-trained Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding can help you complete your LIBOR remediation project. With Claira you get:

  1. No setup or upfront effort needed - available through your browser!

  2. Simply upload your documents and get immediate insight into the outcome of your positions

  3. Full Transparency and audit trail of the models

Contact Claira today to see how we can accelerate your LIBOR remediation process.

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