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LIBOR Loans Prove Problematic for Most Legal AI —Claira is Pre-Trained to Jumpstart Loan Remediation

As the LIBOR deadline fast approaches, bilateral, private documents prove problematic for most legal AI platforms – requiring clients long lead-times to train for accuracy. Claira’s next-gen AI is fully pre-trained for LIBOR remediation across all private & public doc types.

Given the bespoke nature of negotiated private documents, most legal AI platforms fail to achieve the accuracy necessary for IBOR remediation without significant manual effort. Claira’s unique, next-generation AI is fully pre-trained for IBOR remediation across private and public document types. Loan market participants and advisory/consulting service providers are turning to Claira to jumpstart their IBOR remediation efforts. Claira offers a fully secure, web-based platform or lightweight on-premise installation to provide firms the ability to simply drag and drop their agreements for immediate insights necessary to accelerate them straight to client outreach, negotiation, amendment, and/or re-papering.

Transitioning to alternative rates will affect how contracts are priced and how risk is managed. Claira’s enhanced LIBOR Transition Insights provide clients the fallback rate and transactional exposures sized to their portfolio — automatically quantifying the risk and valuation impact of LIBOR transition. Additionally, Claira identifies the governing body denoted to set the benchmark rate going forward across diverse portfolios or balance sheets consisting of hundreds of different financial instrument types. Using Claira, firms obtain the necessary details to immediately quantify the risk and valuation impact of LIBOR transition — accelerating any client’s LIBOR transition from planning to execution!

Contact Claira today to see how we can accelerate your LIBOR remediation process as well as other business insights trapped in your financial agreements.

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