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Claira Announces Rate Floor Discovery Insight Module

As interest rates have hit unprecedented lows and look to continue to stay low in the current macroeconomic environment, it is important for firms to quickly and accurately understand their rate floor exposure. These conditions and clauses are often embedded within hundred page bilateral agreements, loan documents and structured credit prospectuses. Introduce Claira.

Claira’s pre-trained Natural Language Understanding can quickly read through all your documents and not only identify whether there is a rate floor or not, but understand what the rate floor clauses mean. Differentiating whether the rate floor is an outright 0% floor, if it only applies on the spread or if it only kick in when two different rates fall below 0. There’s no setup or installation required. Claira can be accessed from any web browser and only takes a few minutes to process your contracts and provide immediate insights - scaling across any number of docs. Simply upload docs or connect to your contract doc storage repository to get immediate insight to the level of your interest rate floor exposure.

Claira can achieve this because we are the first company to take a sentence level deep semantic approach to understand financial legal language and reveal the underlying logic embedded in the agreements. Our purpose built technology provides faster, more actionable results with full transparency and traceability in its decision making. Let Claira's Artificial Intelligence tell what the security will do if rates drop or stay below 0.


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