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Claira Receives Strategic Investment Led by Citi SPRINT to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Claira’s specialized AI solutions for financial contracts significantly reduces time spent analyzing documents and enables trade and finance professionals to make better decisions faster.

The new capital will support Claira’s product development and go-to-market strategy to accelerate digital transformation through the adoption of the company’s AI-powered technology to transform the document analysis process for finance and trading professionals.

Claira uses proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to unlock critical data insights embedded within financial agreements and delivers the data in a standardized format that’s readily usable for pricing, trading, risk, and operational processes. Claira’s solution enables finance professionals to decipher legal contract language faster and more accurately so they can quickly negotiate complex agreements, reduce business risk and identify market opportunities faster.

Citi will collaborate with Claira to reinvent document intelligence and develop next-generation data analysis solutions to support its business, starting with municipal prospectuses and collateralized loan obligations (CLO).

Contact Claira today to see how we can enable business insights trapped in your financial agreements and accelerate your digital transformation.

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