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Claira Announces Loan Contract Understanding and Analysis to Better Navigate Stressed Portfolios

Claira LLC (, creator of the industry’s leading financial contract understanding technology, is excited to announce its latest development — loan contract covenant analysis for CMBS & Commercial Loans.

With many retail businesses, hotels, and office buildings closed or operating at a reduced capacity, rental cash streams have been significantly disrupted -- creating issues for owners of commercial properties and holders of commercial mortgage loans encumbering such properties. Under current conditions, borrowers, lenders, and investors need to intimately comprehend terms and conditions governing their particular loan(s) to identify issues and develop solutions.

Claira’s next-gen AI fully understands the details of CMBS cash management clauses and impacts on cash flows. Various CMBS product structures contain terms and conditions that stipulate how to handle cash generated from the underlying assets and who has control over the accounts, including covenants on changes if there is stress on the properties. Claira understands and interprets all the information described in the prospectus regarding these cash management covenants and makes them available for underwriters, investors, and traders.


The commercial lending market continues to prove challenging to navigate for all participants. Claira’s in-depth analysis of loan covenants enables issuers, borrowers, and investors to quickly and intelligently manage risk, reposition portfolios, and identify market opportunities.

“The global pandemic is creating significant stress across the commercial lending market” notes Steven Kirchner, Managing Director at Exos Financial. “With Claira, we have been able to quickly and more accurately gain in-depth analysis of loan covenants enabling us to more accurately manage risk, value, and reposition our portfolios,” says Steven. “Claira comes fully pre-trained to immediately assist our business.”

Loan Insight Samples Include:

Establishment of Lockbox Account

Details of Cash Management Account

Cash Trap Trigger Events

Calculation Method for Debt Yield/DSCR Based Triggers

Property Characteristic Based Triggers

Impact of Cash Trap Triggers

Control Changes of Cash Accounts

Funding of Cash Reserves

Cashflow Waterfall Changes

Key Deal Attributes, e.g. Issuer, Dates, Identifiers, etc.

Visit for more information on Claira’s Loan Covenant Insight Solution.


Claira is pre-trained and ready to go! Just drag & drop your documents or point Claira to your contract repository to immediately analyze and provide actionable insights. No document training or setup necessary. Claira’s pre-trained algorithm allows you to simply upload relevant prospectuses and immediately understand the cash management details of the deal.

Claira is next-generation AI, enabling you to simply upload your relevant prospectus and immediately understand the cash management details of any deal in a matter of minutes.

Avoid having to analyze hundreds of pages of a prospectus by providing human understanding of the terms and conditions using Claira’s pre-trained, next-gen AI contract understanding. You can also integrate your trading or portfolio systems to scale outcomes by position and risk exposure.

Share and escalate summary insights and/or document result details within the platform or download results to email for further action. Claira can export insights for downstream systems at both deal level summary and sentence level insights -- in CSV/Excel file formats or via Claira’s computer-to-computer API’s.

Claira accelerates loan covenant analysis for loan market participants and/or advisory/consulting service providers across bilateral, non-public documents that prove problematic for most other legal AI platforms requiring long lead-times to train their NLP (Natural Language Processing) models. For more information on Claira’s technology, visit

Require more custom analyses for your portfolio? Claira can be customized to meet your specific business and portfolio needs.

Claira scales across any number or type of documents to provide actionable insights based on Claira’s full comprehension of contract legal language. Claira is ready to assist clients directly or partner with firms (law, consultancy, advisory, etc.) to service their clients by way of white-labeled deployment options.

For more information on Claira’s Loan Covenant Analysis, visit


Claira LLC ( is a leading next-gen AI company specializing in legal contract understanding. Built using advanced data science to reveal the underlying logic trapped in financial contracts, Claira is pre-trained to comprehend legal language — providing faster, deeper, and more actionable results with full transparency and traceability in its decision making. No document training, setup, or installation is required. Claira can be accessed from any web browser or locally installed in a client’s data center. Claira scales across any number or type of documents to provide remediation for LIBOR and dozens of other actionable insights. Claira is ready to assist clients directly or partner with firms (law, consultancy, advisory, etc.) to service their clients by way of white-labeled deployment options.

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