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LIBOR Remediation

Accelerate Your LIBOR/IBOR Transition Today

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Understand what will happen to each of your contracts when LIBOR is replaced

The LIBOR reference rate underpins $350 Trillion of financial contracts, but is scheduled to be discontinued. The clock is ticking toward 2022 and the end of LIBOR. Let Claira identify the real risks. Auto-classify relevant agreements according to potential outcomes. Save time without the need to prepare documents. 


Draft Amendment Generation

Connect Document Repositories Or Drag, Drop & Go 

Claira comes trained out-of-the-box. Analyze agreements without any need to identify versions, or remove duplicates across different folders or file systems.


Keep documents organized across and within teams, with ability to maintain permissions. 

Actionable Insight Reports Are Fast, Convenient & Up-To-Date

Get customizable reports to assess the LIBOR impact in minutes. Keep track of all documentation data in one place. 

Analyze Sentences For Complete Transparency

Review key sentences that determine the potential LIBOR outcome for each document. Get full transparency into what Claira understood and drives the document category. 

Share and escalate document results within the platform for further action.

Draft Amendment Generation

Automatically create amended contracts directly from original signed & executed PDF versions of the agreements.


Insert preferred amendment language directly with track changes or as a clean copy to accelerate required remediation activity.


Let Our Platform Help You Make Smarter LIBOR Business Decisions

Focus on making smart business decisions -not the process of getting there.


Claira does all the heavy-lifting:

  • Drag/drop or connect to your doc store

  • OCR or text-searchable files supported

  • API interfaces to easily get data in/out

Claira's  modern technology provides  accurate, actionable business insights in minutes - saving time, effort and money. 

Whether you have dozens or hundreds of thousands of documents on your firm's behalf or on behalf of other firms providing advisory, consulting or legal services - Claira is built and priced-to-scale to meet your business needs.

Click on the image above to download Claira's product brief.

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